Find Your Pink

I love pink so much I put it in my hair.

Now that I know National Pink Day is a thing, it *MIGHT* be my second favorite holiday behind Christmas (can't lie, gift giving and receiving is my Love Language!). But pink is my favorite color. Always has been, always will be!

When I was in like first grade, my parents let me and my sister choose the paint colors for our rooms, as well as a wallpaper border. (Are borders still even a thing?) I wanted to do pink walls with a ballet shoe border (I also got pink blinds). My parents were afraid that I'd grow out of the "pink phase" I was in and thought I'd soon regret pink walls, so they painted my room the lightest shade of pink possible. The walls basically looked white but you could see a hint of pink when the sun shone in. They did, however, let me get the ballet slippers. Within a few months, I was over the ballet border and tried to peel it off (my ballet lessons only lasted one year) but the "pink phase" is still going strong, nearly 25 years later.* (Another fun fact: my parents moved over 20 years ago, but those pink blinds are still up!)

In my first post-college apartment, I decorated with lots of pink accent, including a pink tea pot. Once when my dad came over, he eyed the kettle with disdain. "When are you gonna grow up, man?" he said, exasperated. Ten years later, I guess the answer is maybe never? Not if it means giving up something I love and that makes me happy.

I am writing this in pink pen, wearing a bright pink sports bra, waiting for my pilates class to begin. These pink accents aren't just because today is National Pink Day, either. Pink just makes me happy. When I look at it I'm reminded of smiles and sunshine and summer and being girly and fun. So that's what today is about for me: finding something that you love, that fills you with job--that puts a smile on your face.

So Happy Pink Day! Whatever your pink is.

*Don't feel bad for me, after I went to college, my parents re-painted my bedroom in their house bright pink with one darker pink accent wall. I was inspired by my summer job at Victoria's Secret. Ten years later, the "pink room" is still pink. I know I guilted my mom into that paint job after years of complaints over my white-pink walls. AndI hope she repaints very soon.