Nailing Your Goals

Tossed! Keep, organized.

I, like hordes of other 30+ yr old women, binge watched a bunch of episodes of The Home Edit on Netflix and spent hours online buying organization supplies to help contain all the things in my tiny home.

While I wait for all those things to arrive, I decided to tackle some little projects with things I already had (what a novel concept!)

My nail polish collection got a refresh (tossed all those old bottles in the plastic tub!). This is a teeny step in the overall scheme of things, it felt good to purge and edit these down. (Why did I need an old ass separated bottle of white polish? The neon orange from @urbanoutfitters an ex gave me for Christmas? bye.)

Painting my nails more regularly is something that I’ve been wanting to get back into. Me + nail polish have a long, complicated relationship:

  • I have stubby little nails on kid-sized hands on which nail polish lasts approximately one day (even gel!)

  • I’ve long lusted over my best friend’s perfectly self-manicured nails (I’ve even written about it)

  • Years ago in a deep depression, my therapist suggested I do my nails regularly “for me”

  • In a former life I was too embarrassed to let my controlling nightmare of a boyfriend see my nails in their naked state

But having nicely painted nails DOES make me feel better, more put together, more confident, more grown. However, the whole process (and how fast my little nails chip) makes me hesitant to do it more often. PLUS all my polishes were stashed away and it felt overwhelming to pick through the basket of options.

Taking this small step to make this goal feel more manageable - cleaning up my polishes and putting them in a container that I WANT to use - makes me feel like this is something I can actually DO.

(No guarantee on how they’ll look, but I’ll do it!)

This is how I encourage all my clients to tackle things: break big goals into small steps (I’ve actually talked about two big goals here - 1. Organizing my home 2. Keeping my nails painted!). While I’m not a professional organizer or manicurist, I AM a professional coach - which means I’m an expert in behavior change! So if there’s a BIG or little goal you’ve been wanting to work!