Using a Coach Approach in the Real World

I accidentally left my Fitbit at home one day last week for the first time in probably 4.5 years! I'll admit, I had some moments of panic when I pulled up to the gym and realized that I would be moving without my trusty tech counting all my steps for me! If my Fitbit isn’t tracking, what was the point??

I took some deep breaths in my pre-workout sauna and talked myself off the ledge:

  • The Fitbit merely COUNTS my steps, I TAKE them

  • Even if I can’t see a number on my wrist, I know I’m still getting in the movement

  • There are other ways to track progress/movement (phone apps, stats on machine)

  • What really counts is how I feel

Then I asked myself: “Why does it even matter if I’m tracking my steps?” The answer, if I’m being totally honest, (which is what I try to do around here) is that I’m competitive and like the sense of accomplishment knowing that I’m hitting my steps. I like seeing myself on the leaderboard on my Fitbit app. So I sat with that for awhile. Why is that important? How does that help me feel the way I want to? I realized it doesn’t. I try to not check the leaderboard as often because it actually makes me feel BAD sometimes. And I know that number of steps I take a day usually doesn’t correlate to how hard I worked. So. I took some deep breaths, grabbed this new mindset and hit the gym floor, bare-wristed.


I’m telling you this story not to debate the pros and cons of wearable fit tech, but to illustrate how you can walk yourself through some tough moments using a coach approach. This may seem like a silly example, but it was a big thing to me. For a routine oriented person, a deviation in an almost 5 year habit was a HUGE shock!


So the next time you find yourself spinning a bit (but far from your next coaching appointment!) try it. Take a deep breath and get curious. What are you feeling? Why is this important? Why? (Keep asking why!) Challenge yourself as kindly as you can and see what pops up!

Good luck!

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