Last night, I had a mini meltdown. A heavy, framed piece of art fell off my mantel and knocked over this pot, spilling spoil and terra cotta everywhere. The pot was broken, the dog was scared. THEN my smoke alarm went off because I was cooking (and because why not?), which spooked the pup even more + made it almost impossible to concentrate on cleaning anything up.


So, I cried. Cried over the pot, the mess, the fucking alarm, being alone and missing having a partner, raising the dog alone, etc etc etc etc.

And then, after I got {{most}} of the tears out, I vacuumed up the soil and swept the big chunks of the pot into a box.

Today, I glued the pot back together and ordered some gold glue sticks to finish the project. See, it would have been easier to buy a new planter and toss this one. But there’s a Japanese term for repairing things with gold: Kintsugi. It’s the art of repairing broken pottery with gold and understanding the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

So while this pot looks pretty fucking ugly right now, these cracks and crevices will soon be filled with gold. And there’s a big lesson in there (for you, me, everyone). Things break apart (relationships, objects, people, plans). We can sweep them into the bin and let that be the end, or we can find the salvageable pieces + put things back together (with gold hot glue or lacquer if we’re lucky) and know we’re more beautiful for having been broken.

It’s up to you which you choose!

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