The Other F-Words.

Fuck Fear! Have Faith!

You may have noticed I’m not afraid to say FUCK. For most people, that’s the dreaded “F” word. But you know what two other F-words are that a lot of people are afraid to mention? FEAR. FAITH.

Fear holds us back from lots of stuff. I know I’ve let fear rule my life wwwwaaay too often. There are countless jobs out there I haven’t applied for, outfits I thought I couldn’t pull off, people I didn’t talk too because I thought they were ‘too cool’, trips I didn’t take, things I never said, risks I didn’t take. All because of that pesky fucking F word.

And then there’s FAITH. In a world where it’s somehow become uncool, eye-roll inducing to believe in something or someone bigger than ourselves, I’ve also been afraid (there’s that fear again!!!) to talk about faith. It’s been shameful to have faith in myself; or my abilities; faith in God and organized religion; sometimes in humanity; to say I believe in the power of the universe and our minds. The word alone conjures up images of crosses and “Live.Laugh.Love” decals on living room walls—the sticky sweetness of something shoved down your throat.

But let us have faith. In ourselves. In each other. In the things we can do, together and separately, if we say FUCK FEAR (even if we don’t quite believe it) and take the first step toward what we want.

Need help with that? I’m here, ready to say all those F-words with you.