Wins-day Challenge


It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Or, maybe it’s how you view what counts as a ‘win’.

As a coach [also as a human], I often see clients who feel trapped by circumstances that feel beyond their control. But as humans, we are only able to control ourselves and our reactions—not our thoughts, our feelings or what other people say, do, think or feel. Try as we might, we cannot determine what the world serves up to us. We can’t create windows of opportunities, but we can ready ourselves and make sure we’ve got our vision sorted that so when those windows open, we’re prepared.

And all of this can feel pretty shitty. Sometimes we feel so stuck that we can’t see a way out—forward—or hell, even backward. And when this happens, sometimes what we need to do—all we really can do—is to change the way we view our situation. Changing our perspective can have a powerful impact.


So today, I challenge you: can you see today not just as Wednesday, the mid-point in your week; hump day; two days from Friday? Can you see today as Wins-day? A day to celebrate all the ways you’re absolutely killing it and to flip your perspective around the ways you’re killing it a little less? [Can I get a HELL YEAH?!]


What does this mean exactly, celebrating the big wins and flipping your perspective on ways you feel like you’re letting yourself down? Here’s a super simple example:

Push yourself a little harder at the gym today? Hell yeah! Give yourself a pat on the back (or a soak in the tub). Don’t make it to the gym and talk to your best friend for an hour instead? Congratulate yourself for making time for friends and self-care. (You’ll push yourself a little harder at the gym tomorrow.)

Now don’t get me wrong. I am by no means asking you to belittle your achievements or to give yourself a free pass in areas of your life that need improvement. This Wins-day challenge is about shifting your perspective. Rather than beating yourself up because you didn’t go to the gym (which can often lead to a shame spiral, snowballing negative feelings and an increase in destructive behaviors), why not celebrate what you did accomplish? Even counting the small wins can boost your mood and change your perspective—helping you get unstuck.

So, are you with me? What will you celebrate this Wins-day? Let me know below, or set up a session to learn more about how coaching can help you shift your focus and rack up those wins.