Should I Hire a Coach?

Do you need a coach? No. Technically, no one NEEDS a coach. But should you hire a coach? Maybe. The answer depends on lots of factors. In general, I recommend you consider working with a coach when:

1. It is within your budget. Please don’t go broke paying to achieve your goals! (Even when those goals are very important to you!) It’s not going to be worth it if you can’t pay your other bills.

2. You’ve tried to reach your goals on your own and just can’t seem to make progress or stay on track. Having a coach to keep you accountable can be just the trick for many people, even those who’ve worked on goals FOR YEARS alone.

3. You’ve said this phrase over and over: “I know what to do, I just have to do it. In my years of coaching experience, I’ve heard this phrase countless times, and it’s generally a tip-off the person saying it is not going to do it. The truth is, most of us know (at least somewhere deep down) what we need to do to accomplish our goals. And even when we list out a bunch of excuses (No time! Kids! Work! Money!), the truth usually boils down to one simple fact: we’re the thing standing in the way. Working with a coach can help you get on track and out of your own way!

4. You know you want something to change but you’re not sure what. Using a coach to process through how you’d like to feel and then what would help you get more of THAT can be extremely helpful. Many people think a coach is ONLY useful for people with specific goals. Not the case! I work with lots of folks who know they aren’t living the way they want to be but don’t what is missing – it’s my job to help connect the dots.

5. You know exactly when to you to achieve but have zero idea how to make that happen. You have dreams, hopes, desires. Maybe even big dreams, hopes and desires Fantastic! But you’re not sure what steps to take to get started down the path to achieve them. No worries. As I mentioned in #3, most of us actually DO know, we just convince ourselves we don’t (brains are tricky). Coaches are trained at asking the right questions and having you do the right exercises to unlock those answers.


So, now that you know YOU have the answers, what is it? Should you hire a coach? If you’re ready, book your first session now